Grow your own kits

Thank you for purchasing a kit! Here you'll find all the information you'll need to set up, grow and cultivate your own plant.

Tap here to watch a video of how to get started with your kit or scroll down to read step by step instructions.

  • Unpack your kit

    Inside your kit, you will find a fibre pot, some compressed soil plugs and a paper paclet of seeds. You will also need 100ml of water and a container to mix up your soil in.

  • Hydrate the soil

    Place the soil plugs into your container and pour 90ml of water over them, reserving 10ml for later. Leave the plugs for 2-3 minutes and then gently mix with a fork until the soil is completely hydrated.

  • Fill the pot

    Scoop out the new soil into the fibre pot. Save a small amount in the container for covering the seeds. Your fibre pot will start to go dark from the moisture.

  • Plant the seeds

    Shake the seeds down into one end of the packet and carefully snip off the top. Sow the seeds evenly across the surface of the soil. If you have larger seeds, then place them away from each other using your fingers.

  • Assemble your pot

    Cover the seeds with the remaining soil and place the fibre pot inside the painted planter. You may wish to use a saucer to avoid spills if you accidentally overwater your plant. The painted planter may go a little dark where the moisture is soaking into the terracotta - don't worry! We use hard-wearing paint which will protect the design from water absorption and spills.

  • Watch it grow!

    Place your pot in a warm, sunny spot and water regularly to keep the top soil moist (not soaking wet!). Check out the information below to see how to best care for your specific plant. Enjoy!

Seed information

Seed Best time to plant Seedling show after Expected harvest time  Notes